How tu use Themes of WhatsApp

    Customization these days is the key for everyone; people want their devices look more like them and the only way to manage that is by changing their appearance to one that fits their styles and personality. Everyone wants to have something that represents them, something unique and different. After all who wants to be same as everyone? We are all different and we all have different interests and tastes.

    Well, the good news is that there are a lot of alternatives to do change the style of your phone and even some apps. Customizing is a process that never stops and you can change the way your phone or device looks as well as the way your apps show. Some apps give you a few options and some others give you a ton of them. One of those totally customizable apps is WhatsApp and one of the most used ones, therefore changing the appearance of WhatsApp is pretty much like changing your home screen.

    WhatsApp Themes: Changing background. This is a great option if you are a beginner in personalizing the appearance of your WhatsApp, you are not going to change much but it certainly will give some character and a different touch to your messaging app.

    WhatsApp Themes: Installing some themes. On Google Play there are some apps that promise to change the style of your WhatsApp: make it transparent, change the background (which is something you can do by yourself), change some colors and typography and some other tweaks, but the downside of all these apps is that they bring too much ads and sometimes it goes against your privacy.

    As always, a good way to check what to wait from an app, is taking a look at the reviews and the ranking on google play. This will let you know the opinion of some users that have already and tested the app and prevent you from installing an app that might be harmful for your phone.

    Options are very diverse, and almost each app promise to do something different. This is not a very advanced alternative to do, but it is a little more difficult than changing the background. You can also test more than one option at the time, change the background and install one of these apps.

    WhatsApp Themes: Installing some themes. Outside of Google Play there are other options that could give you a better result while trying to personalize your device. This not very difficult to do but it certainly requires a little bit more expertise on installing apps that doesn’t belong to Google Play.

    There are many options to pimp up your WhatsApp but we are going to give you just some. You could either find some other more or try these ones out.

    • XDA Developer Forum: This is a group of people who has a very interesting version of WhatsApp with a lot of options for its customization. It is very eye attractive and it also brings a huge selection of themes so the app can match with the general style of your phone and stand up among other cell phones. If you are interested in trying it, you have to uninstall the boring version of WhatsApp you already have and install the version you will find in their page.
    • WhatsApp+: This other option is different from the beginning, because the symbol has a different color; it is blue. This app was created to be customizable; there are very few things you cannot personalize in this app and it gives your phone a better look and more personal style. Just like the other app, you need to uninstall the regular WhatsApp and install this one.

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