Download Facebook Apps for Android and iOS

    At this point everyone knows that Facebook is one of the biggest player in the social media game, even if you don’t use I’m sure you already know this. It helps you stay in touch with family and friends from all over the world, and it also gives you the opportunity to reconnect with people you might have known before but are not in contact anymore, and ever since the addition of the app in things like Play Store and the App Store it just kept growing and growing.

    Every single user of Facebook knows about the Facebook messaging app, and most of them have it. But to the surprise of many this is not the only Facebook app that is available in the world, and here is a small list of what you might be able to find in your Play Store or App Store.

    Facebook Apps you can download:

    • Facebook Messenger: the first one is the one that most of us already know, and most have, you can not only send messages to your Facebook friends from your phone, but those on your phone’s contact list as well.
    • Facebook Pages Manager: this page lets you manage all the Facebook pages you have whether they are business pages or fan pages in a separate way from your personal one.
    • Facebook Groups: this app allows you to see all your groups in one single page, and like this it makes sharing information, photos, links and everything else with your groups very simple.
    • Facebook at Work: this app has to be set up by your employer, and there everyone in the app can accept a news feed created for this company where they can communicate important information for the employers in this company. It’s especially useful for those companies which their employees work online from different parts of the world.
    • Slingshot: this app lets you share videos and photos that your contacts in there can see for only 24 hours, it’s kind of like ‘a day in my life’ experience for your friends and family.

    How can you download these apps:

    Almost every single one of the apps previously mentioned are available on either the Play Store or the App store for your Android and iOS device respectively, and they are so easy to download, all you need to do is, look for it in the little search bar at the top of the Play Store or App Store and simply tap on the little ‘download icon’ and it will download easily and fast to your phone, then you just have to link it to your account and you’ll be ready to use it.

    The only problem that you might get is with your iOS device, is that if your iPhone doesn’t have the Software updated and it is not the one you need to be able to perform the download, you won’t be able to get it, you can check in the description of the app since which number of software you need to be able to do it, and you can check on the settings of your phone if yours is up to date to know which one you have.

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