Download New Whatsapp Update for Pc

    Whatsapp, that app that everybody uses for their phones, if you have one you know what we’re talking about, it’s one of the most popular apps to chat with friends and even made the phone chatting a trend using emojis and voice recorded messages, you know it even managed to beat the king of the portable online messaging systems, that was BB messenger.

    Vantages of Whatsapp

    Whatsapp stay always relevant amongst its users, always updating and adding new functions their users will find enjoyable, just this year they have released more than 5 updates, that are always adding cool new features, there was a rumor that in the not so far future, they’re eventually releasing an update that will allow to deleted sent messages that haven’t been read, we all make mistakes sometimes.

    So, the chances are that if you like to keep yourself on touch with your friends when you’re using a mobile phone is that you already have downloaded this app! And who wouldn’t? is used all over the world by millions of people, we can surely say that if Whatsapp was a social network it would be one of the most transited and used, and is for sure, the king of messengers, even beating facebook messenger that is another really awesome messaging app.

    But hey…Aren’t we missing something here? There is one single aspect in where we can say that messenger beats whatsapp…And is that all the functions you can use at facebook messenger are now available at the facebook regular chat on PC… Meanwhile, Whatsapp is…Exclusive to cellphones.

    Yeah I know, almost every single person in the world nowadays has an smartphone, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t people without phones on the world! There are a lot of cases where having a cellphone isn’t just as accessible as owning a regular home computer or laptop. So what? These people aren’t allowed to use whatsapp? Is that it? Well… What if I told you, that you can actually use whatsapp on your PC?

    Installing whatsapp on PC

    Downloading whatsapp in other devices apart from a cellphone is possible, you have to do some tricks now and then but it’s not impossible, even though it says you can’t use it on tablets you can actually install it and if you input your cellphone number in the app you will automatically log into whatsapp on the tablet. Well, the case is that in PC is possible too!

    You just need an android emulator such as bluestacks that will allow your computer to emulate the android operating system in a standalone program. All you have to do after this is just simply go into the play store, use the browser as if you were using a regular android device and look for whatsapp.

    Then you will select to download the app, this will take a couple of minutes, but then all you have to do is install it, look for the icon in the android menu and then start it, the trick is, you will need a phone you can access to, because you will need the classic code they message you to log in, but after you do this you will be able to use whatsapp on your computer!

    If you already had it downloaded, you just have to click on the update button on the app store and it’s all set.

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