Download Play Store Free for PC

    Today we want to talk about how you can Download Play Store FREE for PC. Believe it or not this is a simple process and you will do it in just a few minutes. You just have to follow the steps that we will give you below to achieve it without problems. Keep in mind that we will give you two different tutorials. One for download the play store on one PC and the other for you to do the same but on a laptop.

    Download Play Store FREE for PC

    Now that we have clarified whether it is possible to have Play Store on your computer, it is time to explain how to obtain it. To do so, you should do the following. taking in mind that this can be done from any computer with Windows system such as a PC brand Linux:

    • The first thing you should do is enter your computer’s browser, may be Google Chrome or something else. After, you must enter the following link that we will provide: (
    • You will be redirected to Mega, once there press “Download through the browser” and you just have to wait, the file weighs 294.1 Megabytes.
    • Done, you already downloaded BlueStacks, the Android emulator for PC.

    How to install Play Store on your PC

    Download Play Store FREE for PC
    Download Play Store FREE for PC

    Once you have downloaded the file, called “BlueStacks2_native.exe” you must do the following to perform the installation:

    • When you have downloaded it, it will appear on the desktop screen, once there you must press the right click to click on Run as administrator. Then there will be a load box that says “Extract”, you just have to wait for the load to finish.
    • Once the upload is complete, you will see a file on your screen called “Blue Stacks Direct Access”, which has an icon of different colored boxes. You can open the file in the folder and click on the application.

    It is important that once you open the program, enter to your Play Store account. Once done, you will see a black box, with the presentation very similar to that of a phone. Since this is an Android emulator. The applications and other icons will take a while to appear. You will also have several pre-installed apps, these do not take up much space so you do not have to worry.

    How to download Android applications on a laptop

    Make it simple. The main thing is that as we mentioned, you have already entered your Play Store account before, using your Gmail. On the other hand, you can also create a new account from this program. Because it presents you the option to do so. The changes will be saved and you can enter this account even from a phone or a computer.

    However, in the program you can use the icon of the magnifying glass to perform the search of any application. You just have to write it and the results will appear. When you find the app you want to get, press on it and you will see the description along with photos of the application. As if it were a mobile phone. Finally, just press Install and you will see how it is downloaded. This can be fast or slow depending on your connection to Internet.

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