Download WhatsApp 2018 Update Latest Version

How to download WhatsApp for Android new version Latest 2018

First of all, you have to make sure that you are installing the latest version of the messaging application. So, look for the number of the latest version and continue. Open the Google Play Store. Look for it in the App Drawer. Later, you have to tap the magnifying icon, which is in the right corner of your device´s screen. Now type WhatsApp into the search bar and tap Go. After doing so, tap the WhatsApp Messenger option. On the next page, you will see WhatsApp´s app page.

Install Whatsapp by PlayStore

Now, tap INSTALL to finish the download, and then tap the OPEN button. If you follow the instructions correctly, the messaging application is installed on your device and you are allowed to set it up. Next, tap AGREE AND CONTINUE at the bottom of your device´s screen. You have to type your cell phone number in the text field you will se in the page. Tap okand WhatsApp will send you a message with a verification code. Tap the code into WhatsApp, enter your name and upload your photo. Finally type Next and that is all.

How it works free Whatsapp

First of all, it is important to begin with a clear definition of WhatsApp and how it works in order to understand this article in a better way. Well, it is possible to define WhatsApp as a free to download cross-platform application that was originally designed for smartphones. This messaging service provides users with many features like sending messages, receiving messages, making video calls, sharing any kind of media content, and so on.

By 2014, this client was sold to Facebook for more than US$19 billion. Four years later, WhatsApp have at least one and half million active users, becoming it the most famous messaging service to date. Apart from this, this messaging application has grown in several countries like India, Brazil, and some parts of the European continent. In the current article, I am going to develop some important aspects about WhatsApp and its latest version.

Facebook Subsidiary

In early 2014, Facebook announced it would acquire WhatsApp for US$19 billion, its largest acquisition at present.  It was a grievance for many users across the world, so most of them tried out other messaging services like Telegram. After this, Telegram has more than 8 million additional users. Apart from this, Line also reported 2 million users for its app.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Mark Zuckerberg reveals that WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook due to the vision. According to him, the idea is to create a selecting group integrated by many online services that will be free to use. Moreover, this group can serve as a conglomeration of social networking sites that will be available for everybody around the world. Of course, Facebook want to achieve an overall strategy.

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, Jan Koum, one of its founders, was working on the introduction of voice calls for the service. Apart from this, he reveals that new devices would be sold in Europe with the WhatsApp brand. Additionally, Koum made reference to the importance of having the app installed in all mobile devices.

Latest Whatsapp Version


Get Latest WhatsApp Version? It is time for an update

We have mentioned the several benefits of having Whatsapp in our phones. This powerful communications app is the latest rage in messaging services that we can find in the Internet. Like any other application in the software program world, it is constantly being updated. This to support new features and, especially, new devices. However, there are others who will fall behind due to this advancing fact. That is why when you download last version whatsapp you are going to need a modern Smartphone since some will not be supported.


Download Whatsapp
Download Whatsapp


Technology is just like a living organism. It keeps on growing and it adapts to the circumstances it is living in. The applications that are design to run our devices and to run in our devices are no strangers to this natural law. They also adapt to the circumstances of an always advancing and evolving digital world.
Whatsapp was spawned six years ago and the changes it has endured have been for the welfare of its existence and of its users. That way we shall always count on this app to give us a great service. If we desire a greater service, as do the programmers of this great app, changes are inherent to this requirement.

Download last Version Whatsapp

When we download last version of whatsapp we obtain better characteristics that no other version has offered before. We used to have a single line to write and status. Now the app has devoted a whole section for this feature, with more configurations and better options. In previous versions we did not have a “New Chat” icon hovering in the main screen of the app. It offer the possibility of starting a new chat by just tapping two icons.
Inside the Chat tab, the features have expanded and including others. Like being able to bookmark any favorite conversation to the top of the chat list, or having a shortcut to a preferred contact right on the main screen of our device. These all have been changes to make our use of the app a breeze without a hitch.


Whatsapp New Version
Whatsapp New Version


Among these changes, we shall also consider that Whatsapp is now not supporting several platforms. We might venture to guess that this is due to transferring their efforts to making the app a better place for the new devices. Regarding Android, versions 2.1 and 2.2 will cease to accept the installation of this app. Windows Phone 7, iOS 6, Nokia S40, Symbian S60 are among the platforms that Whatsapp are no longer supporting.

What version of whatsapp?

Therefore, if you own a device with one of these operative systems, be sure to update them by the second half of this year. Since after June 2017 the last version of whatsapp will not be viable. The same applies for Blackberry OS and BlackBerry 10. Surely, the communications app will continue offering their support and installation to the current devices and also the future prospects of mobile companies.
Nevertheless, we will make sure of keeping the audience appraised of any developments regarding the support of some operative systems that might be considered obsolete, therefore, no longer supported.

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