Download WhatsApp for PC Latest version 2018

    It is impossible that you have never heard about WhatsApp in this globalized world. Even if you are not a WhatsApp user, you should know someone who is. If you do not know a lot about the matter, you have not to worry. In this article, I am going to talk about WhatsApp, its use, and its availability for PC. First and foremost, I should like to start by defining what WhatsApp is.

    WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application, which allows you to send text message, share content, make video calls, voice calls, among others. At the beginning, it was only available for mobile devices, but now it is also available for desktop computers. Additionally, users could communicate or share media content with other people individually or in groups of other users, but last year it was announced a business platform, which would companies provide customer service at scale.

    WhatsApp web

    As I said before, WhatsApp was originally available for mobiles devices, but it is now available for desktops. By 2015, WhatsApp was made available for desktops by means of a web client known as WhatsApp Web. According to the announcement by WhatsApp, this web client can be considered as an extension of your mobile device because you can see your messages and conversations through your PC. This means that you can check the same WhatsApp account on both devices your computer and your smartphone.

    Nevertheless, the userĀ“s mobile phone has to be connected to the internet in order to function properly. WhatsApp has added support for most of desktop web browsers, except Internet Explorer. In 2015, this web client was only made available for Blackberry and Android, but then IOS and Nokia Series 40 were also added for support.

    WhatsApp Web app for PC latest version

    After several months of waiting, it was launched the long-awaited WhatsApp version available for desktops. It provides many features such as syncing with your mobile device (Windows, Blackberry or Android,) typing through your keyboard easily, receiving desktop notifications, and filing attachments from your desktop.

    The only bad thing about it is that you are required to have a mobile device with the WhatsApp app installed, which means that it is not accessible for those who do not have a smartphone. In addition, it is not the best choice for IPhone users due to the app can not be checked and used with a desktop device.

    How to use WhatsApp for PC in 2018?

    It is an interesting subject for those who use laptops and desktop devices. With the use of this WhatsApp software, you exactly enjoy the same features as the original version for mobiles devices.

    Initially, you must go to the top of the window, select My Computer, and then select System Properties. After checking the system type of your desktop device, you can download WhatsApp for PC, taking into account your system type.

    Reasons to use WhatsApp for PC and not WhatsApp Web

    1. If you use WhatsApp for PC, your internet connections will be more stable. When you use WhatsApp Web, there may be internet problems or get errors. Avoid them with the use of WhatsApp for PC.
    2. This app is in optimal conditions, so it will not make your desktop slow. Additionally, it is perfect for those who use Windows 8 and 10. The only bad thing is that it is not available for Windows 7.

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