Download Whatsapp for Samsung

Whatsapp is the best way to keep contact with your friends and chat online using your cellphone! It’s just an app that you download on either iOS or Android and will grant you one if not the greatest service of mobile phone instant messaging online to date. If you still don’t have whatsapp you should look forward into downloading it!

Whatsapp amongst its users

Why do people keep coming back for whatsapp you would wonder right? That’s because it’s a platform that updates frequently, and it started a lot of features every single one of the online messaging system uses nowadays, it started as some kind of smart agenda but it quickly became a chatting system, back in the day it’s competence was LINE and Blackberry messenger, but the truth is, there could be only one…And that was Whatsapp.

Whatsapp did not only gain it’s competence at the moment, but as it is today, it is the indisputable king of phone chats, It’s only competence is facebook messenger but Whatsapp hasn’t lost it’s throne, it’s an app that is always updating and keeping its users happy with most of their functions. It’s even projected that on the future updates they will add the function to delete already sent messages that haven’t been read.

Whatsapp for Samsung

Samsung is one of the heavy weights on phones nowadays, it’s on point technology and development has made it one of the emblematic brands on smartphones, it’s only  direct contestant being no other than Mac with their iPhone lines. But Samsung is the best phone on the market that uses the android operating system, a system held by many as the superior operating system for its diverse uses, easy and simple handling and TONS of apps from the play store.

Also we have to know that Android has been expanding ever since, even becoming an operating system for videogame consoles, tablets and more, as google is always synonym of top quality. But we’re here today to talk about Samsung, not google or android, so let’s get started with a simple and easy tutorial…Downloading whatsapp on your Samsung!

Installing whatsapp on Samsung

Samsung cellphones, as almost every phone that’s not iPhone, uses the android operating system, as we said earlier, so this means the process is exactly the same as every phone or device that work with android. To be specific if you need it, you need to go into the android menu, log into the play store and using the Android browser, look for the whatsapp app; you should already know its green logo with a white phone in it.

Then after you select the download button you will have to wait a couple of minutes before the download is done, after that, you just have to confirm that you want the app installed on your phone, and then, go back in the menu and look for the whatsapp logo, start up the app, introduce your mobile phone number, insert the code that will be send to you by SMS and you’re ready to use whatsapp!

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