Google Play Store App Install Free

    Usually the debate about phone apps comes around the best app stores and for years the App Store and Google Play Store have been a topic of comparison because for some people they represent the best mobile platform so let’s compare:

    Apple Store

    With the new design of the app store a lot of new functions were introduced in a more organized and neat way, some of the new advantages of downloading the apple store are:

    • Any question or if you are simply looking to understand more the object you have purchased on this and you can check directly on the app. And you can also consult about the prices of anything else and check if it’s available on your nearest apple store in case you don’t want to buy it online.
    • If you decide to put your location on the Apple store it will immediately notify you of every single classes in the use of basic or advanced and its software just in case you want to sign up.
    • It can also recommend you products and accessories for your phone like new iPhone cases and headphones. Also the app is completely free and every time there is a change in it you can get a code in the Apple Store to be able to see this upgrade.

    Google Play Store

    At the moment the Play Store is the most used platform and by default is the official app for Android.

    • Even if you change your phone as long as you have a personal google play account you will only have to pay once for the download of an app. There are a millions of apps on this platform and most of them can be downloaded safely and for free, all neatly organized in different categories.
    • Not many of this type of store allow you to return the apps and get all your money back but this one gives you two hours to test the app out and see what you think of it and if you don’t like it you’ll get your money back.
    • Downloading apps is very safe; they all go through certain quality checks to guarantee a safe download. There are certain protocols that the developers have to go through for google to green light their app. You can also find other things like movies, music to download, and most of them a free so you can enjoy them.
    • You can also check you history of downloads so you can control the apps you own and the ones you once downloaded. The apps and the store itself comes with automatic updates, to save you the time it would take you to manually update every single one of the apps.
    • It also has a very easy to use interface. In both the Android version just like the website you can see a beautiful design. With big icons and with a very useful comment section where you can easily the thoughts of other users and the rating others have given them.

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