How to Download and install WhatsApp Messenger

Believe it or not you may have WhatsApp, the best instant messaging application on your device installed without any problem, but today we will tell you the best tips, you just have to follow all the steps named below to have Whatsapp Messenger app download for PC easy and in a short time.

Whatsapp Messenger app download for PC

  1. Download and install WhatsApp for PcClick on the buttons below to go to the download for your operating system: on PC, WhatsApp is compatible with Windows 7, while on a Mac it will work on the latest versions of OS X.
  2. Link your mobile with your PCOpen WhatsApp on your phone and access the WhatsApp Web section. This is found in the app’s configuration menu. You will see that the camera of the telephone opens to you. Read the QR code that has appeared to you when initiating the program WhatsApp in your PC.
  3. Enjoy WhatsApp on your PCWhatsApp has already been activated on your PC, but keep in mind that this does not mean that you can use it independently of your mobile phone, as in LINE or Telegram. The WhatsApp app for Windows and Mac is simply an installable version of WhatsApp Web, which we already talked about here. That is, to use it you must have the phone connected (either via WI-FI or data connection) to receive the messages.
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 WhatsApp Web Free on Computer


The messaging app was made available for PCs as WhatsApp Web.

For this function to be possible, our mobile device must be connected to the WIFI or internet 3g, 4g that we have, of not having connected our phone will not be able to make possible the use of Whatsapp on PC

During the same year, WhatsApp just made available its desktop version for Windows Phone, Black berry, and Android. Then, it was also made available for IOS, and Nokia S60. An unofficial version known as WhatsApp time was developed, which added support for notifications via the Windows notification area.

How to Using WhatsApp on PC

There are two methods of using this app on PC and I will speak about both of them. In this way, you are allowed to use any method you want. Later, you will enjoy WhatsApp Messenger on your computer.

  1. WhatsApp on PC by using Android emulatorsThe first option is to use Bluestacks. First of all, you must download Bluestacks. Then, install this software on your PC and follow the instructions provided by the platform. After you download WhatsApp into Bluestacks, you are permitted to run it by selecting the WhatsApp logo; afterward, log in to your account. Finally, you can enjoy using WhatsApp on computer.The second option is to use YouWave. Firstly, you are required to download YouWare. After installing it on your computer, launch this software. You have to open Google PlayStore through the software and to log in to your Google account. After installing WhatsApp Messenger on YouWave, you will start it and log in to your existing WhatsApp account to enjoy the messaging app on your PC.
  2. Unofficial WhatsApp desktop client for PC
    Another way of using WhatsApp on computer is via Wassapp. An informal but good WhatsApp version for computers knows as Whassapp is perfectly capable of doing so. You can create a new account; include your accounts, and having conversations.For using WhatsApp on PC, all you have to do is download this informal app. After installing it, sign in to your WhatsApp account, and that is all. As you see, the process is very simple and the instructions are easy to follow.

Install Whatsapp Messenger for Iphone

WhatsApp Messenger is the best, more convenient and fast way we have at the moment to send messages on our smartphones to any friend or contact on our contact list.

This app is currently compatible with any mobile operating systems on the market like: iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone. This means that you can use WhatsApp to communicate with any friend around the world, regardless of which type of smartphone they are using.

The users of this application around the world can use it to send voice messages, text messages, images and links to any other user. The transferring of files is much more effective and fast because of the automatic image compressor on the app, but this will make that your photos lose some quality. More over this app lets you make voice calls completely free of charges.

WhatsApp allows you to create and manage groups and this is one of the most interesting and most used tools that the app has. The group´s creator can invite any one to join a particular group at any time, and the can leave whenever they want.

For iPhone users WhatsApp is the perfect communication tool available on the market right now. This, because using it you can forget completely about paying for text messages ever again. This app is a complete must have.

How to use WhatsApp on you iPhone

  1. First of all you´ll need you download WhatsApp from your App Store and of course open it up.
  2. Now that you have opened the app, this will ask you if WhatsApp can have access to your contacts, of course, you need to say yes to this. Then, as usual, you´ll need to agree to all terms and conditions.
  3. Now it´s time for you to create your account. WhatsApp makes use of your phone number instead of a user name and password, this makes it easier for you if you have to transfer all your data to a different phone number. So, you just have to enter your phone number and country.
  4. After you´ve done that the app will verify your number bay texting you a code to use on the verification screen, you basically have to do nothing because the app will recognize de verification text on its own, so sit back and wait a second. One the verification is done you have to create a profile.
  5. You have two options, to create a profile manually, or to simply load your Facebook profile. To manually create it, jut tap “Edit” beneath your profile picture and add the photo that you like the most. Now roll and enter a username you can choose any name, you can always change it latter if you wish.
  6. You´ll find yourself in the settings pane. To start chatting, all you need to do is tapping on the chats icons, you’ll see them at the bottom of the screen, then another tap on the “start a new chat” icon, this you can find at the top to the right. Now you are on a list of contacts who also use WhatsApp, tap on one of those and start chatting.

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