How to Play Store updated?

    How to Play Store updated?

    As it is known, Google continually launches new versions of the Play Store application to improve its functionality and offer new functions, however, much of these updates fail to be available to all users, as usual Van staggered and in some cases get to spend several weeks so it can be available in one place. If you want to Play Store have updated this time we will tell you how to do it using a few simple and easy steps through this article.

    Check or force-Play Store update

    If you are part of that group of people that you like to always have updated their mobile device, with the latest versions of your favorite apps since something new comes, here we will tell you how to upgrade Play Store. Well, before you start is important to know that this application is updated in the background, in other words, when Google launches something a new update download is performed automatically.

    Knowing this, the only thing you can do is check if you have is updated to the version installed or if you have pending updates. To check it just to perform each of the steps that mention below:

    1. This simple process begins going to the Play App Store.
    2. In the top right you pulsaras where it says “Settings”.
    3. Now you find the option “Play Versión Store”.
    4. If you find a newer version available only you have to click “Update new Version of Play Store”.
    5. Waiting a few seconds duration of the installation and then restart the mobile device.
    6. If you did you perform each of the steps above, just check if you have available the new version, this should not take more than two minutes.

    In the event that you have some difficulties or can not find a version available, it is possible that your phone does not comply with the requirements and can only make use of that version, to avoid these disadvantages and not waste time unnecessarily only you have to investigate the compatibility that has your phone with new versions of Play Store. High-end smartphones does not present any problem.

    How to Play Store updated


    Manually update Play Store with APK

    Maybe your Play Store is updating, but at that particular moment as this circulating a new version which probably is available for your mobile device after a few weeks. In such cases, the most advisable thing to do in this regard is to update manually installing an APK and to achieve it is

    important to use Mirror APK and download the most recent from the search engine you use usually.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    You can also choose to have updated Play Store doing the download directly to your computer, then you pass it to your mobile device using a USB cable to the SD memory. This process is not very complicated, but if you take more time and you have to be careful of the source where you want to make the download, in some cases offer you files that only have the intention of harming the performance of your PC.

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