How to Uninstall Apps – iOS

Uninstalling an application in iOS is a simple task in principle, like the Android operating system there is not only a way to perform this action and it is not a complex task in any case, but it is important to take into account some details when delete applications on iPhone or iPad, on the other hand it is recommended to do this with some regularity since over time some applications begin to be expendable and when not being used they take up space, consume resources and by common sense it is not good to have them accumulated in the device.

So today we will see some simple ways how to uninstall an application in iOS, to save space as we said and also resources such as RAM and avoid that our personal data may be at the mercy of intruders since some apps are also abandoned by their developers, not all but it happens so you have to detect them in time and not have them on your mobile if they are not going to be used.


Depending on the model or mobile version, some ways to uninstall an app on iOS may not work in the same way, but on most iPhone models they work or should, we refer to these ways to uninstall applications, we will explain them .



The first way is the most common we can say, it is about locating the icon of the app to be uninstalled on the mobile home screen.
It is important to note that each icon has an X in its upper corner, by pressing and holding the icon of the app in question the next step is to tap on that X, so the application will be deleted and the data that may be associated with it, For this reason, if at any time you think you may need it again, it is advisable to create a backup copy of this information.

A detail to take into account about this is that if you notice an app that does not have said X that is because it is a default app of the operating system and therefore it is not possible to uninstall it. But basically this is the first very simple way as you can see.

Cómo desinstalar una aplicación en iOS

How to uninstall an app on iOS.


The first step is to access the settings option, then choose the “General” option and then choose “Storage and iCloud – Manage storage”.
You should see the list of apps installed on your iOS device, without complicating your life, you only have to press the one you want to delete and when you do this you will see that option, then press uninstall and it would be everything.

A detail to take into account in this option to uninstall applications is that in addition to being able to see the installed apps, you will also see the space they occupy which is always helpful to see how much they are occupying you in the iPhone memory and make a better decision .
How to uninstall an app on iOS


A recommended way to do this is to connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable, done this you open iTunes. Once in iTunes you open the “applications” tab that usually appears in the side menu, you locate the one you want to uninstall in the list of applications and press the delete button. You can also just right-click with the mouse and see the delete option in the menu, but there is also the possibility of leaving the app in the Mac folder, but if your intention is to completely remove the app you simply click to delete .
How to uninstall an app on iOS


The idea is to get rid of applications that are not used and that occupy resources unnecessarily, but it is important to briefly comment on this alternative since it may be that although the forms or methods that we have mentioned before are simple, sometimes a user unfamiliar with this platform I could see something complicated. So using a special program or software to uninstall apps could be a good alternative.

A recommended one is iMazing, it must be installed on the computer. Its use is simple, once installed on the computer the iPhone is connected using a USB cable and the program opens, it will recognize all the apps installed on the device so that in its apps tab you will see all the ones you have in your mobile, you can choose only one or several to uninstall at the same time, already selected you only have to press the delete button and that would be it.