Install Whatsapp for Tablet

    Do you know whatsapp? It’s one of the biggest apps for online chat on phones, it is used by almost everyone who owns a current generation phone, people use it to stay in contact with friends and family, also it has other fun options like using “emojis” that are like emoticons, sending videos or pictures! It’s a good messaging experience for anyone.

    Whatsapp was initially a direct rival to BB messenger (if anyone remembers that name), that even initially started as some kind of intelligent agenda for Blackberry, but then evolved into the instant message service that is today, it expanded to new smartphones such as the iPhone and it’s magic was that it didn’t asked you to creat new contacts by number and name, it borrowed people who were using the app too and added them to your contacts in blackberry, talk about efficiency!

    Installing whatsapp in tablet

    Whatsapp is an app that is said to be only for mobile phones, but did you know you could also install it on PC using an android emulator? Yeah, it’s possible, just as it’s possible to install it on your own personal tablet! The message when you install whatsapp on your phone says it doesn’t support tablets but it actually does, you only need to know a little trick.

    So alright, let’s get the basics first, when you have your tablet turned on and running, you should go to the play store and using the browser look for Whatsapp. Obviously you will know it’s the app by its green logo with a phone in it, but you should check that’s the original app, you never know what you could download by accident inside your phone!

    Anyways, hit the download button and it should download in a bit, maybe it will require a couple of minutes but nothing too long. When the download is ready it will ask if you’re sure if you want to install whatsapp, obviously you will select yes and proceed, after a couple of seconds the app will be ready and installed, but now comes the tricky part.

    You will go to the tablet’s menu and select to open whatsapp, here whatsapp will tell you it is not supported by tablets, so what are you going to do? Select proceed of course. After you proceed whatsapp will put you in a screen where it asks your phone number, so you will put any cell phone number you have or could use, this is for verification only.

    Almost there!

    After you input the number the a will say it sent you a confirmation email to your phone so here is when the fun begins, check the SMS you surely have that contains the code, just introduce the code in your tablet and done, now you’re ready to use Whatsapp on your tablet! This is the easy part but I’m sure it isn’t that hard.

    Remember you can also do this using an android emulator on your pc, just follow the same procedure as specified before but on your computer, easy peasy.

    Installing whatsapp on a regular phone

    Whatsapp installation on any phone is pretty self-explanatory, just follow the steps of the process for tablets but the message with your code will be delivered at your phone, so it’s even easier!

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