Messenger for Android

Messenger is an App made by Facebook developers as a key to interact with people who also have a Facebook account, to text, send different media files, or to make video calls to your Facebook contacts. This App has grown as a popular form to interact with popular brands or to contact different services.

Before you download this App, you might check if you are having the complete requirements for this App, for example, you will need around 150MB or more space available in your phone’s memory, also an actualized version or your IOS, and also remember to have an active Facebook account.

Let’s start the installation

First you might click on the App Store on your device’s screen. Then type on the search bar, “Facebook Messenger” or “Messenger”, once you have found the App, push the “Get” button. Right after you will be suggested to give your Apple ID and your password (this only happens if you haven’t installed an App lately) since you have done this, the installation process won’t take much time depending on your internet connection.

Once the Messenger App have been installed, you need to find the App’s icon in your screen or menu, this icon will seem like a blue balloon with a lighting inside of it, just tap it to launch the App. A white window will appear and you will be requested to summit your Facebook username (or E-mail) and password.

But if you have another App related to Facebook stuff, you will only be asked to confirm your identity, then a dialog bubble requesting your permission to access and synchronize your contacts with the app to make available to chat with them via Messenger. Then another bubble will appear, asking for your permission again but know to allow Facebook to send you notifications.

To use Messenger, we have two options; or install the application or use it from the web. You can download Messenger from the Google Play Store app store. From the computer you can access and enjoy the services and you would do it on your cell phone. More information: Download free Messenger in DownloadPlus.

Advantages of using messenger

It allows you to save on text messages, by using only the internet connection, just as with other free messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Line.

And also, it is very useful when sharing files, quickly sending PDF, music or videos, with the possibility of sending videos from our camera and sharing them with our Messenger contacts. Without mentioning that you can have a more real communication with your friends in addition to customize them with emoji or stickers that are perfect for every occasion, it is fully compatible with any android device.

One of the biggest benefits of using Messenger is immediacy; we will have our contacts on the mobile, without logging in from the web, in addition to getting answers very quickly. Many people also use it to improve their business by maintaining contact with their customers in a fluid way without sending message after message, only adding it to a group and the information arrives without interruption

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