Messenger New Update Version

Did you know that through Messenger you could pay the money you own with other people? Also, send them voice messages, videos, photos and add 3D masks to your video calls? These features are part of Messenger new update version you can get through PlayStore.

Messenger after splitting from the Facebook Company, evolved into an app where you can get rid of your actual Facebook account and connect even better with your friends and family, using way fewer data and spending more time actually socializing and having fun.

What is Messenger?

Messenger is an app, which first started as a part of Facebook, at first it was a small app but after some time and gaining a lot of popularity. This app has become Facebook’s first competitor for downloads. Both having a billion downloads.

Even though you have to sign in on Facebook before using the Messenger app, you can completely forget about it after you join to Messenger’s community, where you can start to add friends and chat with your social circle through the app. This way you can save more of your time looking at boring pictures, and have the conversation of your life.

However, Messenger is not only about texting, you can record a video, take pictures, record voice messages, call your friends and even video call them in groups or you can have an one on one conversations. Messenger has the ability to make you feel like you were talking to somebody right next to you.

How much does Messenger cost?

Messenger is completely free; you can talk all day with whomever you want with texts, video calls, and phone calls without having an extra cost. Unlike other apps or traditional texting, you just have to connect to your Wi-Fi network and start chatting.

However, if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, there are going to get additional charges according to your data plan, even though it is not too expensive.

Are there any ads on Messenger?

Messenger has been completely ad-free even the Messenger new update version; you will not have to worry about getting a virus or a malware while using the app or getting your data sucked down due to an annoying ad.

You can enjoy all of the features of Messenger new update version, but make sure to download it from the official stores, so you will be notified when another feature is available.

Does Messenger work on IOs?

Messenger new updated version is available in most of the official stores including IOs’; there is not much difference between the app for iPhone or Android: both of them have the same features and do not have any kind of extra cost or glitch on them.

So, iPhone users can enjoy talking in groups or with their best friend while using all of Messenger’s features, and only paying for the added charge if data is used or absolutely nothing is you are connected to WiFi.

Just head to iTunes, download, and sign in with your Facebook account to start adding all of your friends and even add new ones through their phone number or Facebook address.

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