Play Store Download for PC Windows 10

    The huge number of applications that can be found on Google Play Store has become so useful, important and attractive that now the limitations that people had to download Android applications are a thing of the past, since having a computer or a laptop is just enough. An Android Smartphone is not necessary to use and enjoy the large number of tools that are offered, now that Google Play Store has become accessible for people who don’t even have any mobile.

    Especially if you have Windows, where there is a bunch of options to download the Google Play Store and get an advantage of all of the utilities that these applications can provide us in our daily life.

     What is Google Play Store?

    Google Play Store is one of the biggest app stores for smartphones and tablets in the whole world; it offers a variety of applications that go from Sports and fashion, to business and education, being that the reason why it has become so attractive for users, Apart from the great amount of smartphones that contain the Android system.

    How can I download it?

    The most recommended option for people who have Windows 10 is to download an emulator.  An emulator is software that is installed on your computer and where you can experience the interface of a tablet or phone.  It’s almost like using a real one, just that in this case you will see it on your screen and you’ll be using your keyboard and mouse. Emulators are a really good option, because there you will have available all of the applications that you would see in your mobile.

    What are the features of the emulators?

    The features depend on the software you download, but most of them are very easy to install and use, are available for Windows 10, and are for FREE. That means, you won’t have to spend any money, it’s just you, your computer and you emulator!

    Below are shown the 2 most useful and popular emulators for your Windows 10 and how to download them:


    BlueStacks is definitely the most recognized and preferred emulator.  It’s a program that can be run and that allows you to download apps and enjoy them,  showing them exactly as they are. When you start using it you realize how similar are the interface and commands, as well as exit button, start, and so on.

    It is very intuitive, if you have used a smartphone before, you will not find any troubles in handling this software, you will feel very familiarized with it.

     Nox Emulator:

    This new software is really giving some competition to the other emulators availables around, as it has a really good performance and it always has available the last versions of android. It is fast and smooth, and if you place it in full screen, you will be looking at a tablet or phone on your computer. It’s a very good alternative for BlueStacks, and you can download it for free on their official website.

    You can find many more emulators like Memu and KOplayer, however, the two ones up are considered to be the best. Enjoy them.

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