Play Store Update for PC and Samsung

    Today we want to talk about the simple steps you must do to update the Play Store update for PC and Samsung, this will work for smartphones and for the PC, because in the PC we use an emulator that will copy the operation of a smartphone with Android operating system and therefore, the steps will be the same.

    Keep in mind that Google usually updates the Google Play, on all Android terminals with certain periodicity. However, if you do not want to wait for your mobile device to update automatically with the latest version of Play Store, it is very easy to update the official Google store manually. We will explain step by step of how to do it so you do not miss anything and always have your app store updated.

    Currently we want to give you three ways to install and update the latest version of the Play Store, we know that this is one, if not the most important, application that we have on our device and it is important that we always have it updated.

    Steps to get Play Store update for PC and Samsung

    If you want to download the latest version of the official Google store press the button to start the download and update Play Store right now.

    1-. From the Play Store

    Maybe this is the easiest method to force our Play Store to update, but it does not always work. Play Store, Settings, About, Build version and click on it.

    2-. Manually

    To continue to learn to download and install the latest version of Google Play Store on your mobile phone with Google digital certificate. Don’t worry the whole process of downloading and installing is very simple, you only need to have an Internet connection to download the latest version and a USB cable to transfer the file from your computer to your mobile device.

    3-. With an APK

    To update the official Google store, the first step is to access the APK web page from your browser, preferably on your computer, but you can also do it directly from your mobile device.

    Once you access it, on the right side you will see a tab in which it says Search; Type in the “Play Store” search box and press Enter to start the search of the files.

    Play Store Update for PC and Samsung

    All the versions of the Play Store that are available will automatically appear. The objective is to download the latest version, so you must click on the first option. In this case Google Play Store 7.7.09.N-all [0] [PR] which is the latest version of Play Store.

    To start the download, simply click on the Download button. In this way, you will start downloading the Play Store APK file directly on your computer or smartphone.

    If you have not downloaded the file directly from your smartphone, once the file is downloaded to your computer, you have two options to transfer it to your Smartphone. The first one, if your PC or Mac has a Bluetooth connection, you can use it to do so. The second is to do it through the USB connection or an SD card.

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