Play Store Free Apk

    Play store is the official store of google, which is responsible for storing and running all the applications you have the device, Smartphone or Tablet, also has a section for books, movies and even music, a good tool when it comes to q uerer available in any application that requires your phone without having to opt for a computer, but, in this case that you don’t possess it, either by not having an android phone or another brand, but you still need it because any application required Here we will show you a series of steps to successfully download your APK without any problem.

    Is it an app by default?

    But first, you have to take into account the store play comes by default all the Android, so it is rather complicated to get a good APK and that do not present failures, so here we give an alternative so that you won’t have any problem.

    Step 1: Download Google Play services

    But before that, let’s talk about the download. It is very important to emphasize this when making a download from any website where you are this APK, since there may be the drawback that possess some virus or the same application does not run due to lack of some external program, for example , the app from the store play must be downloaded together with “google play services” so you can run without any problem, if it is not previously downloaded here we bring you the link where you can do it:

    Step 2: Download: computer or phone

    Once you have downloaded these two applications (if you do it from the computer it is recommended that files have them in a separate, and previously settled folder on the desktop so don’t waste time looking in the files) and if it is directly from the phone, they automatically will remain stored in the downloads folder, now well, returning to the idea of downloading from the computer, you must then pass the apk folder that best fits your needs, we will leave it in the same way in the folder of Download with your name.

    Play Store Free Apk

    Step 3: download security

    When you’re already there, you must go to settings, security, applications of unknown right now, so you can download the application without any problems on your phone, we remind you that this will have to do so have downloaded it from the phone or from the computer, the application itself and the telephone will indicate it you, when you have all done this application you will have installed successfully.

    Step 4: registration of account in the playstore gone

    Once you have the application, it will ask you to register an account, it can be a new or any google account you have already previously created, then will ask for your card number, this is only if you want, but if you do you can buy directly with her any application that requires it.

    And ready, you’ll already have your play created store account and enjoy successfully any application you want. Remember that time the application will ask you to be updated, you can go to our list of apk that you possess an apk already updated for you.

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