Steps to download and have installed whatsapp App

    WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging service that has taken over the market of mobile devices and cell phones since 2009. This is an app you must have in your cell phone or smart device if you want to keep connected to the world and your friends.

    WhatsApp has progressively been substituting what users do every day using their mobile operator service. As long as you have a data plan or Wi-Fi access and a mobile line (not necessary on your device) you can text, share pictures, videos, voice memos, locations, and many types of files only by using this app.

    As of 2016 the app had more than 2 billion users and daily about one more million register in the service.  About 4 billion of messages are processed, 1.6 million people send picture and more than 1 million voice recordings are connecting different parts of the world every day of the year. Join the enormous community of people using WhatsApp and contact anyone and any part of the world without paying extra for long distance calls.

    WhatsApp is way more than an app, it has become in a whole social phenomenon that are changing and improving the way people communicate around the world, blurring borders and stretching distances. Real time communication with the people you miss the most is literally priceless, and with WhatsApp is also free.

    Download WhatsApp app

    Downloading WhatsApp is very easy. Just by following these steps you will be in touch with people you see every day and with those you don’t see very often as well.

    1. Get your android device and unlock it.
    2. Open the main menu and then Google Play. To do so tap on an icon similar to this one .
    3. Tap on the box “search” and write WhatsApp and then hit the magnifier icon. Something similar to this . 
    4. From the options you got, select the app with a green icon and shaped like a thought balloon. Something similar to this one .
    5. Now tap on the install button. It looks similar to this one.
    6. Wait until it is completely installed
    7. The install button now has turned into a “open” button.
    8. WhatsApp is now open and you need to agree terms and conditions. Tap on agree and continue.
    9. Dial your phone number. WhatsApp will send you a SMS as a confirmation of your phone number. You don’t need to open that SMS; the system will do it for you.
    10. Make sure it is ok and tap on “OK”
    11. Type your name and then, click next. In this same step you can change or add a new profile picture that is what people will see when you text them.  This information you can change any time in the future.
    12. Click continue and now you can start enjoying of sending and receiving messages on your device.

    WhatsApp works with your phone number. This means that if you want a person to text you via WhatsApp you only have to give your phone number and that will be enough. Now you can receive messages, send pictures, videos, location, files and make free calls (only using the megabytes on your data plan or when Wi-Fi is available) to all those people you care about. You can also create groups where you can hold a common conversation with the members of your family or other people you share interest with and you need to keep informed. WhatsApp is a wonderful app that has been changing the way we communicate since it was launched almost ten years ago.

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