Themes WhatsApp for Android

    WhatsApp is a cross platform encrypted instant messaging client that has been around since 2009 and from that moment it has become in the main app for messaging and sharing picture, videos, voice memos and way more. It works with iPhone, Android, Nokia Symbian, Windows mobile and Blackberry

    This is an app you must have in your device. It doesn’t only work with cell phones but also with other devices that can connect to a mobile network and have a data plan active or even on your pc, after installing some specific programs. Since you can make call with this app, little by little people has been making more calls using WhatsApp than their regular old fashioned credits.

    The thing with WhatsApp is that it has had the same style for almost 8 years with some minor changes here and there. People like us, who have been using this app from the beginning, are getting tired of having the same WhatsApp and now we want to spice it up a little, change some colors or something more. Is that possible?

    Get the coolest themes WhatsApp for Android

    Out there in Google Play and on Internet, there are a lot of apps that will let you change the way your WhatsApp looks and apply some themes to make it look cooler and more personal, but most of them will ask you to replace the original app with another that says to be the same but only with some extra add-ons that will allow you to customize it.

    But you don’t want a different WhatsApp, what you want is to change the appearance to the original WhatsApp; the WhatsApp you already have, and we got that for you.  Xposed is an app that will enable you to customize your phone without changing the original app by installing the WhatsApp theme engine and being creative enough only.

    With this amazing app you will be able to download themes for WhatsApp and even create your own themes matching your style, and customize almost anything on your messaging app. The only problem is that your phone or device must be rooted so this app can work as it is expected.

    Getting started with themes WhatsApp for Android

    1. The very first thing you have to do is to make a backup of your android phone.
    2. Download the Xposed APK
    3. Install it and open it.
    4. Hit “framework”, and there tap on “Install / Update”
    5. Wait some minutes
    6. Reboot

    Now let’s install the themes WhatsApp for Android

    1. Open the Xposed and tap on modules
    2. Tap on Ultimate WhatsApp theme engine
    3. reboot
    4. open the theme engine and start customizing your WhatsApp

    Now you can change almost anything in your WhatsApp. Don’t be afraid to start experimenting until you figure out how it works and have a look you like. The possibilities run as far as your imagination. Brag your new WhatsApp with your friends and show them that there are always new ways to get the best of your worn off cross platform messaging app.

    WhatsApp has turned into a giant in communications but sadly its image has evolved much along the years and this has taken the users to make it more personal by installing new apps that can pimp up a little bit the way it looks. There are many options out there, although you must be very careful with the thing you install on your phone, since we are not responsible for the damage you can make to your phone or your device. User’s discretion recommended.

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