Update New Version Play Store

    Applications every day advance and, as well as progress, should also be upgraded. That is why in this article will explain how to upgrade your playstore gone to your latest version. Then we will give explanation how to update your store play so that you always have on your Tablet or phone the latest options in applications and having this innovative new version of this application so important nowadays.

    It is important to take into account that the majority of fourth-generation phones are likely to always be getting updates, either have them your phone or which download on your own.

    What is the Play Store?

    Play Store is a platform that contains numerous applications of different kinds, developed mainly for Android OS. It has immense applications, books, musucas, games, among other things, and applications containing this platform are completely free in its majority.

    In the month of March 2012, Android market and Google music merged, this resulted in the Google play, giving, at the same time, excellent results. By then it had 450,000 applications available. In the year 2013, this platform exceeded the demand and recorded more than 50 million downloads.

    When you upgrade an application, should take into account that many applications have marks that verify the authenticity of the system, thus tends to go with the Play Store. Oddly enough, while this application is a center of downloading other applications, it also requires that it be updated for increased performance.

    How should I update the Play Store?

    Many times we don’t know because, as this application is to download other applications of interest, because we ignore that also we need to update it so that we have the best content being downloaded through the latest version.

    New version playstore

    New version playstore

    Update manually

    We can manually upgrade application Play Store without any stumbling block. To start the update of this application, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Enable unknown sources

    First of all, must turn on our smart phones using the Android system unknown origins, it can be found in the phone settings. It is necessary that the unknown sources option is selected so that they can install the applications.

    Step 2: Download and install Play Store

    Already activated this options, proceed to download the Play Store application from apk mirror page, this site is very reliable and you can find more updates that are available. Then, that we have downloaded the apk, we give click the file, the Android device will give a notice where will proceed to update the application play store. We must accept in order to have updated the application are no problem.

    New version playstore

    New version playstore

    It updates automatically

    To update directly in the shop, we follow the following steps:

    1. Should first open the settings of a Play Store application.
    2. Then click on the version of the application and if there is new version, proceed to update.

    Play Store will always be in its current version, until we get a new update and proceed to update it. We hope that this information will be of help when it comes to touch you to update your store play.

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