Whatsapp Create an Account

    Whatsapp remains a popular application among users. This is because the company has been adjusting to the times and has maintained its free status. It has incorporated a number of options and it has also become an innovative image. The question that some are still made on how install Whatsapp. Register on Whatsapp offers a number of advantages from the fact of the possibility of speaking with your friends in real time and free of charge, sharing images and files.

    Currently there are more than four hundred thirty million users making use of the application, which is a backup and one of the most popular applications makes it both mobile and on the web. Because it is available Whatsapp for PC, the application has become visible to all and attainable.

    Whatsapp Create an Account

    Whatsapp Create an Account

    In the web whatsapp you can find versions compatible with all kinds of programs, such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, NokiaS40 and Symbian. You must Whatsapp Create Account Login, and start enjoying your application legal and no gimmicks.

     How to Create Whatsapp an Account on Laptop

    Whatsapp requires first to create an account is that you have a phone number. Whether you go to download it on your mobile device, tablet or PC, need a phone number. In the case of Android, install Whatsapp you must download the application and enter the phone number with the prefix that corresponds to each country, then press the “ok” and wait for the application to verify the number via an SMS in which the application verify that that number corresponds to our device.

    The message arrives almost immediately in most of the time. In addition to this modality is possible to verify the number by means of a call in which a message will read a code that must be entered and the verification shall be carried out with that. Once confirmed you will have to enter a user name. After that Whatsapp will welcome service to you and you will be able to use the application. Then you summarize the steps in a more clear, so that no doubt and you can install the Whatsapp app without any problems:

    Whatsapp Application Create an account 

    • After you download the application on your device open the whatsapp
    • Accept terms and conditions
    • Choose the country of location
    • Type your phone number
    • He expected the verification for your account activation code
    • Type your user name and accepts the contacts in your phonebook

    As you can see, install Whatsapp to your device is simple and fast.

    Whatsapp is free. Despite notices that warn a year round service will begin to charge, the application continues to be free. It lets you save in text messages. When you install the application can look at which contacts in your book have Whatsapp on their devices. The interface is simple, photos, videos, files can be sent, everything is intuitive, no need to have an in-depth knowledge in computer science to understand the functioning of the application.

    Ranto Whatsapp for PC as all versions offer a number of interesting tools that go beyond the text messaging. For example, in the settings menu you are going to “account” and then “network usage” and you will see the number of messages you have sent and which have also received the bytes multimedia that you have used and received. To carry a monthly monitoring statistics can be reset to zero.

    When you have deleted a conversation and want to recover some deleted thread, you can uninstall and reinstall the application, Whatsapp app you’ll wonder if you want to recover the deleted conversations and accepting will find again the thread that you had deleted.

    If you want to avoid that the images and videos that you send through chat or groups can also set up your Whatsapp account. So you go to the “settings” menu and “chats and calls” there it will tell you the “Automatic download” option, that option you will have to select “connected to WIFI” and problem solved.

    Whatsapp lets you know if someone has read your message or if you have received it. It has a blue tick that indicates even when you’ve read a received message, but that ICT can be disabled. To do this you must go to Wahtsapp options to the menu “settings”, then to “Account” and in the privacy option you can disable the read receipts.

    As you can see you have provided information to download your Whatsapp, the steps to open your account and also some tips so you can productively use your application.

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