Whatsapp Messenger App Install for PC

    This time we want to show you the steps you must follow to enjoy Whatsapp messenger app install for PC. Achieve it in a few minutes if you follow our guide of steps and advice to the letter.

    Keep in mind that you must install some programs on your computer, it is important that you have the minimum memory space of 2 GB so that you can achieve your task and for the application to work properly.

    How to have Whatsapp messenger app install for pc

    An emulator will be used to generate an Android environment, and within this emulator to install WhatsApp, this is the recommended way to use WhatsApp for PC since WhatsApp Inc. penalizes the use of applications such as WhatsRemote, wasap, ThatsaPC or Whatsapp plus.

    This is what you should download

    • Download Android and WhatsApp.
    • Only if your computer is a MAC OS download the Bluestacks for Mac OS.

    Whatsapp messenger app install for PC

    How to install the Bluestacks emulator

    1. When you start installing Bluestacks you will see the welcome screen and click Next.
    2. Now it will ask for the installation path you leave it like this and click Next.
    3. Now press the Install button.
    4. After installation Choose the preferred language.
    5. Enter your Gmail account and if you do not have it you can create it here
    6. Accept the use and privacy policies.
    7. In Google services you can choose to disable everything.
    8. Give your Android a name.

    WhatsApp PC configuration

    1. Enter the Play Store and search for WhatsApp Messenger and install.
    2. In step verify your number select your country and your phone number, landlines are not valid, and click on SIG.
    3. In the window Proceed to verify the phone number: select OK.
    4. We wait for the verification code and when you receive it, write it where it says Enter the 6-digit code.
    5. Once verified, it gives you the option to restore a copy that is in your Google Drive account, click on OMIT. 

    Learn to synchronize your contacts

    1. The first thing you should do is go to the menu in the upper right corner of the Contacts option.
    2. Once in the contact list, verify that you don’t synchronized contacts.
    3. Return to the menu which this time is different and choose and select Accounts.
    4. Once again go to the upper left corner to add accounts.
    5. Write email and password and click on Login.
    6. In the next step as you are not going to enter any credit card you have only OMIT.
    7. And in the next window if you want to make a backup copy just click on the next one otherwise de-select the option to create a copy and next.
    8. Once these steps are done, look in the list of accounts and synchronize your Gmail account, enter to confirm that it is synchronizing, and that’s it.

    Now you can go to WhatsApp and look for contacts, add the one you want to a new chat and talk to them without any problem.

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