Whatsapp Messenger for PC

Nowadays we are more connected than ever before, smartphones and mobile apps has made everything so accessible to the world that it seem almost impossible not to be connected.

When WhatsApp Messenger made it into the market, we all thought we had found the best form of unlimited call and text within the app. We are able to enjoy all the features of the app with only an internet connection, that´s what made it so highly practical.

There’s no need to say that WhatsApps gives us the opportunity to make endless calls over video and send limitless messages and voice notes to friend all over the world, because almost everyone makes use of this app.

All you need to know about WhatsApp for PC

The latest version of this app supports Android direct share allowing the users a quick selection of a particular conversation when sharing them from another application. So far this feature requires Android OS 6.0 or above.

With the latest system enhancements you´ll enjoy of a better preview of the links you share or receive. You can also make use of the starred messages feature to bookmark all the chats you want to read later if you have some favorite chats to read all over again.

WhatsApp messenger has been made accessible for you to use it in you desktop computer with a simple procedure. One good thing about this app is that you don´t have to own a separate account if you carry on with the joining fee.

If you already use the app in your Android phone, you can only expect to see the name user interface on screen. It’s just having a desktop-mobile version of the app so you can enjoy all its features better.

With this app you can:

  • Forget about long distance charges.
  • See each other face to face, leave a message orCall.
  • Also features the adorable text bubbles for your chats.
  • Place overseas calls on mobile number.
  • Shows a time stamp that lets you know if your message was already viewed by the recipient
  • When your hands areoccupied you can use yourcustomize list ofshort replies.
  • GPS toSend and share location.
  • Attach media files to your message.

So, if you were looking for a more comfortable and easy way to use you WhatsApp, now you have it. This application for PC makes your chatting a lot quicker and allows you to enjoy almost all the features you have on your Android app, in a bigger screen.

Computers are faster than phones, not always but in most cases they are, so sending media files will be a lot quicker, this makes your interactions more efficient and eliminates the waiting part.

One thing you should know, if you are looking for a way to use WhatsApp because you don´t have a phone, this is not the way, for that you better download the BlueStack. Using this method requires that your cellphone is connected at all times for it to work properly. If your mobile is not connected or runs out of battery, the app will not function. Now if you’re just looking to ease or fasten the use of WhatsApp this is the best choice you have.

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