WhatsApp Messenger for Windows 7

First of all, WhatsApp can be defined as a free to download messaging application, which allows sending text messages, video calls, voice calls, sound files, documents, images, pictures, and user location. This messaging service runs from a mobile device and desktop computers. In the past, users could only communicate with other users individually, but WhatsApp released a forthcoming business platform allowing companies to provide customer service to users at scale.

The client was created by WhatsApp Inc., which was sold to Facebook in 2014 for US$19.3 billion. Two years later, had a user base of approximately one billion, making WhatsApp the most popular messaging service at present. This app has grown in many countries such as Brazil, India, and several European countries. It is considered by many to be the most used messaging application in the world.

WhatsApp Web

In 2015, Jan Koum, one of the founders of WhatsApp,announced that it would be available for PCs through a web client, under the WhatsApp name. He made the announcement on his Facebook page: our page is other options to use Whatsapp without you cellphone or if your cellphone has problems with the display.

At the beginning of 2015, the desktop version was available only for Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone users. Shortly after that, support for support for iOS, Nokia Series 40, and Nokia S60were added by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Windows 7

Even if you can you WhatsApp on the web, it launched a desktop app for Windows and Mac. The new desktop app will be very useful for many users. At the present time, WhatsApp does not need to take up a tab in your browser. According to the WhatsApp´s announcement “this is a solution for people that can’t use their cellphone normally so, Whatsapp has an option to resolve it.”

There are a lot of advantages of using the WhatsApp desktop app like proper native desktop notifications, and better keyboard shortcuts. All users need is WhatsApp installed on your mobile device and Windows 7 or later.

How to set up and use WhatsApp on Windows

First of all, you have to head to WhatsApp and to download the Windows desktop app. Then, click save when the Box pops up. The set up can run automatically. If it does not happen, head to your downloads folders and click the WhatsAppSetup.exe file. Now you have to scan the QR code on the screen with your mobile device by using WhatsApp. Later, you have to open WhatsApp, to click Menu, and to select WhatsApp web.

Once the system recognizes the QR code, the Windows desktop app will be linked with your WhatsApp account and you will be logged in. Now you are allowed to use WhatsApp on your PC.

You have to take into consideration a very important aspect. It must be clear to you that this desktop app uses your device to sync messages, so you want to be sure that it is connected to Wi-Fi in order to avoid excessive data usage.

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