WhatsApp themes for android download

    When it comes to customization, Android OS is one of the most versatile ever. With some tweaks here and there you can change the whole appearance of your phone in some minutes, making it look cooler and more like you. Themes, launchers, background image, and even some really nice looking lock screen will do a great job in making your phone look differently but you can always go a bit further and try to change some very boring apps.

    WhatsApp is one of those apps that have been having the same appearance for ages. It has been on the market for about ten years now and it continues wearing the same outfit of the day it was launched, with some minor touches. WhatsApp is a great app and we cannot live without it, but it is high time we gave it a complete make over and a change of look.

    Google Play is a good place to start looking for apps that can help us to give a different twist to our cross messaging platform; all the apps we find there are secure, virus free and you won’t harm your device by trying some or maybe lots of them. Outside Android’s Apps Store there is another bunch of apps that can give you a good result as well, but there is a certain risk in testing them out.

    Here is a list of different apps from Google Play that will for sure make a difference in the way your WhatsApp looks and will help you to single out from your worn off looking and old fashioned friend’s phone.

    1. Themes for Plus Messenger. WhatsApp get ready because with more than 4 thousand different moods, this personalization app is coming up to make a huge difference. This app promises to change the color of your WhatsApp, the background and even the typography with a wide selection of themes that are divided into categories to help you find the correct one for you. It has been downloaded by around 5 thousand people and tons of good reviews flood the page of Google Play, which makes it one of the most popular themes app on the store.  
    2. WA Chroma RRO Layer. This app doesn’t have as many good reviews as our previous option but if you have a RRO compatible ROM, then this app will work for you; this mean that you either need a customized Android on your phone or the Lollipop version. It offers to chance the colors of the general presentation of your WhatsApp and you have 12 different tints to choose. It has about 10 thousand downloads and the community valuation is not the best. 
    3. Whats Chat App Transparent. This is a very simple app that offers to change the way the messages look. Just like the name implies the whole message bubbles in WhatsApp turns transparent and the name of the conversations as well. It is a minor tweak but it will certainly change the way you messaging app shows. It also brings some modifications to the chats on BBM and the SMS apps.
    4. WhatsApp Wallpaper. This is another app that won’t change anything on your WhatsApp but the wallpaper you see on the conversations. It is not a theme or a huge change of style but this is a good place to start and there are not many apps that can change the look of your WhatsApp on Google Play. A similar app is Wallpapers for chat and the only difference is that this one brings more wallpapers. Start tweaking your WhatsApp with apps available on Google Play.

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